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Frenquently Asked Questions

You will find hereunder answers to some frequently asked questions about our tamper evident tapes and labels:

Question: On which material does the adhesive tape works?

Answer: Security tapes and labels we propose works on a lot of surfaces like carton, wood, steel, plywood… We will advise you on the material most adapted to your need and your application surface. We will advise you to test the product on your surface to validate your choice.

Q: How do you justify such a difference between your price and the price of a classic security tape?

A: Security tapes need a complicated fabrication and a lot of advanced equipments. Some products are patented and had need years of research and development to reach such a performance. They are real security seal for high valued products and not retailed one.

Q: Is it possible to add the logo of my company on the tape? What is the minimum quantity I have to order and what is the fabrication delay?

A: Your logo, a specific text or a specific numbering can be printed on the tape. The quantity has to be between 50 and 250 rolls, depending on the product you order. The delay is 5 weeks maximum after the "ready for printing” is signed.

Q: What colors are available?

A: You can give us the Pantone number of the color you want, we will always try to be as close as possible to this.

Q: Is it possible to personalize the opening message?

A: It is possible for some products like Security Perf, B.U, RED TAPE from 350 rolls.

Q: Which products are available in stock? What is the minimum quantity to order?

A: The products that are on the website are usually available in stock. Sometimes, depending on the market demand, we can have a delay for some products. For security reasons, the orders of security tapes have to be of 10 rolls minimum.

Q: Why don’t you give the price on the website? Why can’t I buy on the website?

A: We can sell and send the products in a lot of countries. We regularly deal with overseas territories, border countries (Belgium, Luxembourg…), in West Europe, Dubai and some Africans countries as well. Whatever is your country, do not hesitate to send us a request and we will find the best solution together.

Q: What are the shipping costs?

A: The prices we give you are always with a departure from Chevigny St Sauveur. Our shipping conditions for security tapes and labels are hereunder (ask us for the shipping costs of the other products):

To Metropolitan France: The shipping costs and the packaging are included in the invoice, whatever is your department.

The costs are reduced for all the shipment lighter than 2 Kilos: 10€ HT.

The franco is applied for every order of 650€ HT and more.

To abroad: The prices we give you are always EXWORKS from Chevigny St Sauveur. Shipping costs are for the customer. If you cannot take care of the shipping we can propose you a solution. We usually send the shipment lighter than 10Kilos by mail but this economic way of shipment does not permit the tracking, that is why we prefer that the client gives us their international express courier account number.

Q: I need some samples, how can I have it?

A: You can contact us. Effectively, you need to do some tests to be sure that the product is efficient on the application surface.

IMPORTANT: When you test the security tapes or labels, make sure that you let the product at least 10 minutes on the surface before snatching it in order to have a good polymerization of the product and an optimal result.

Q: What are your terms of sale?

A: You can check our terms of sale on the website.

We are at your disposal for any further information or questions :


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